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Working on my Server from 9front

For the past month or so, I’ve been using 9front as my primary operating system. Despite the ostensible transgender influence, it’s been a very pleasent experience.

A little while ago I wanted to edit some files on my home media server (running Debian), when I ran into a problem: sam -r doesn’t use ssh in 9front, and as far as I can tell, there’s no way to trick it into using it. I obviously had no desire to edit with vi again, but with the two machines seemingly sharing no common language, I was at a loss.

We’re still stitching things together with ssh and calling it revolutionary

- Rob Pike, more or less

Yeah, I found out about sshfs. Seems pretty obvious in retrospect. After all, 9front’s specialty is blurring the lines between machines using files. With sshfs, I was able to edit the files as if they were on my own machine. Crucially, they weren’t, but they felt like they were, which is what counts.

I also simplified this site’s footer, to be more mothra-friendly. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll go from OpenBSD to 9front for my public facing stuff. Then again, there was that security scare on 4chan. We’ll see.