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Always repair your own laptops, or how I learned to stop caring and love my screwdriver

A few weeks ago, I bought a new (to me) Lenovo Thinkpad X220t from Ebay. It was running a tad hot, so I decided that I would take it in to my local computer repair shop (which will not be named) to get the thermal paste replaced. On the day I’m writing this, this Lenovo Thinkpad X220t no longer functions.

The reasons why don’t matter. What does matter is this: never trust anyone else with your technology, especally when you have something easily repairable like a Thinkpad. I don’t care how difficult or dangerous you think the procedure would be (it’s not actually that bad), if you brake your laptop, at least you are the one who broke it, and usually you know exactly what you did, so you can take steps to repair it. Only take your laptop into a computer repair shop if you literally cannot figure out what is wrong, or you’re some rich guru who can’t be bothered to fix his laptop.

In a perfect world normal people wouldn’t have to worry about hardware upkeep. In a perfect world, Bell Labs wouldn’t have gone under, Plan9 would have succeeded, and we would all be shitposting from cheap, simple to repair terminals connected to some cpu, auth, and fs servers. We don’t live in that world, unfortunately, so in the meantime let’s learn all we can about our hardware.